We use processes that are tried-and-true, providing you with efficiencies and competitive advantages that grow your business.


For example, when developing a product we utilize SolidWorks for design and Radan CAM Software for production. This state of the art software works in tandem with our Design for Manufacturability (DFM) knowledge to ensure you get the most cost effective products for your customers.


Mathison Manufacturing practices sustainable manufacturing by recycling all materials from our offices to our production facilities.  We maintain compliance with REACH and RoHS directives.


There are a host of contract assembly and manufacturing processes we leverage on a daily basis. They, too, combine technology with the knowledge we’ve gained through decades in the manufacturing industry.  These videos and our photo gallery demonstrate some of the processes we use every day.













There is no substitute for investing in the best technology, just as there is no substitute for real-world knowledge and experience that help leverage that investment.  Contact us today!

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We use REACH and RoHS compliant materials and production practices as part of our everyday culture.more...