Specialty Welding Can Enhance Your Products

  Imagine your idea becoming a reality.  We help engineer and design products and components for all size companies.


  Picture speedy prototype development and a solid cost prospectus.  We do that all the time for companies who count on us for our reliability! 


  Envision superior quality without sacrificing on time delivery.  Sheet metal fabrication is our specialty and we provide value added solutions! 


We can do all of this and more for your company.  All you have to do is ask.


Because Experience and Passion Matter!

Mathison Manufacturing performs a host of processes as a custom sheet metal fabricator, all to meet the exacting specifications of our customers.  While we work with many materials, sheet metal fabrication is at the core of our business and we take pride in the quality of our work and the finished product.  Your productivity and profitability can benefit by contacting Mathison today.


The Best Solution For You

Mathison Manufacturing is here to provide what you need – at a fair price. You also might have more demanding projects, like some of our customers in the food and health industries. 


Our experienced welding team can handle these challenges, including cosmetic and thin-gauge welds. Still other times you might need a partner who can help you find alternatives you might not have considered. No matter if you need welding of aluminum, stainless steel, or other metals, we've done it already. We have expertise in every step of the manufacturing process – from prototyping to production. This makes us uniquely qualified to find efficiencies and value for partners like you.  


Whatever your needs, we always offer quality, value and variety. 




      • Highly skilled welders with decades of experience 
      • Many advanced welders' certifications earned 
      • Commitment to ongoing training in the latest advances in welding technology 
      • Experience – more than 50 years in business 




We explore all options to find the most cost-effective solution, welding or otherwise




      • Thin-gauge • Cosmetic 
      • Aluminum 
      • Stainless 
      • Spot welds 
      • All metals 
      • MIG welding 
      • TIG welding