Precision Manufacturing

The word “precision” is tossed around a lot, so we like to state our case this way … 0.005.

It’s our tolerance on some light gauge materials. Yes, 0.005, as in 5/1000 of an inch.

We handle heavier gauge materials as well, and deliver comparable tolerances for their weight.

Mathison Manufacturing meets the precision goals through:

  • Investing in the very best equipment and training.
  • Engineers who regularly deal with demanding projects, of all sizes and materials, and know how to hit the targets.
  • Skilled, seasoned workers who take pride in their work—and don’t take shortcuts.

Precision isn’t just about tight tolerances. It’s also about tight processes, which we expedite through our commitment to continuous improvement. We constantly look for efficiencies. When we find them, we pass the savings—money and time—along to our customers.

That means lower prices to you, and shorter lead times, too.

Great equipment, brilliant engineers, a skilled workforce, quick turnaround … Does that sound like a sure-fire formula for success?

Precisely. And of course we don’t use the term loosely.

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We use REACH and RoHS compliant materials and production practices as part of our everyday culture.more...