Contract Assembly Can Bring You More Profit

  Picture lowering facility and equipment expenses. You’ll need less space, and will not need to purchase or maintain equipment.  


  Imagine reducing labor expenses. No hiring, training or managing of an assembly work force is required. 


  Visualize taking advantage of our highly experienced team.  We can help you be more profitable.  


 Think about streamlining your logistics needs. The associated cost-savings can be significant. We’ll even drop-ship if you like.


Could we help you by taking the assembly, packaging and shipping logistics into the hands of our experienced team?


Sometimes the most successful business plan depends on what you don’t do. Building on your strengths and finding a trusted partner to excel in other areas can be key to your success.  Assembly of components is a need for many of our customers – and a core competency for us.


How do we do it?  Our value-added contract assembly solutions are performed with:

    • Quality control. Our work meets all quality requirements, and we hit deadlines. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

    • Experience. We’re in the contract manufacturing business, and involved in all steps of the process. Value-added manufacturing solutions are what we do best. That includes core competencies in the areas of manufacturing, contract assembly and component assembly.

    • Flexibility. How much assembly do you need? Our services range from job production, to contract assembly, to component assembly – to everything in between. You decide what services to utilize. We are happy to assemble components that we manufacture, or that were manufactured elsewhere.

    • Professionalism. We often deal with the customers of our customers. Courtesy and professionalism are required, and we never forget that we are representing you.

    • Location. We are a U.S.-based business, which provides advantages in outsourced manufacturing assembly and outsourced production assembly. Your components won’t be on a ship, at an unknown location, with a constantly changing arrival date.

Are you ready to take a closer look and let “good help is hard to find” be something you hear from others? Fill out the form to get started today!