Collaborative Engineering

Whether you've got a sketch on a napkin or 3D models of your products, Mathison Manufacturing can get your ideas into production at the best possible cost.  Our sheet metal fabrication services are backed by proven engineering practices.


  • Using SolidWorks design software we are able to work with your design ideas to give you the best quality, accurate parts for your products.
  • Review your products and produce them using the most cost effective methods to give you the best value for your dollar.
  • Partner with our customers’ engineers to find the best solutions—together.
  • Provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to improve processes and create cost-savings.

We offer reverse engineering services, too.

Bring us your sample and we’ll break it down, piece by piece, until we have a drawing—a CAD drawing, not a sketch on a napkin. Call 262-542-7296 today for specifics on how our engineering services can help your business.

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We use REACH and RoHS compliant materials and production practices as part of our everyday culture.more...