Mathison Manufacturing started generations ago as a contract manufacturer and continues to be your one stop shop for producing your products.

Our state-of-the-art equipment helps us manufacture precision products with tight tolerances and appealing cosmetics.

We think more in terms of value-added solutions than actual products.  For example, we often help customers move from a rough drawing to a 3D CAD model. Then it’s on to prototyping and short-run production, and ultimately contract manufacturing and assembly.

Browse the photos in our Solutions gallery to see a few of the many project solutions we have produced.

Our value-added solutions now include contract assembly and all that goes with it, including job production and even drop shipping.  Contact us today for the right solution!

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Solutions Gallery
  • EnclosuresLast Updated On: 4/28/2015

    Enclosures and components are built to be visually appealing, with tight tolerances, to your exact design specifications.

  • Carts & WorkstationsLast Updated On: 5/25/2021

    Our experienced team designs, manufactures and assembles customized solutions that mean better efficiency in any workplace.

  • MiscellaneousLast Updated On: 5/25/2021

    Custom, one-of-a-kind solutions are our specialty. Let our expert team work with you to produce unique designs that set you apart from your competition.


    We use REACH and RoHS compliant materials and production practices as part of our everyday culture.more...