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We use REACH and RoHS compliant materials and production practices as part of our everyday culture.more...

Industries While we welcome projects that take us in new directions, we have experience in many fields, including high-tech, medical, food services & more. 
Processes Our team uses many processes to achieve your desired results based on your needs, the project requirements and the direction of our in-house engineers. 
Products Custom fabrication of sheet metal enclosures for high-tech electronics, medical systems carts, high impact point of sale products and more are all available from one reliable source. 
Multiple services in industries that include electronics, computer-based equipment, mobile hydraulic solutions, traffic control, embedded design and water technology.
Our engineers combine industry experience with extensive knowledge of SolidWorks, the industry standard in 3D CAD design software, to provide unsurpassed service and cost efficiencies.
High-precision processes and tight tolerance capabilities provide the cosmetic look many fabricated enclosure customers require.
A one-stop shop for products ranging from components to assembled carts.
Thin-gauge and other materials require highly cosmetic welds. Our experienced, skilled welders provide the perfect finishing touches to the demands of tight tolerance work.
We provide components that can stand alone or be used in final products, like these custom stainless steel fabrications.
Partnering with OEM's to get them the right parts at the right time.
We gladly take our traditional offerings a step further and provide sub-assemblies that help our customers reduce labor costs.
We use light weight materials in many of our products. Plastic and aluminum fabrications are no problem.
More Than Metal Fabrication

Don’t get us wrong—we are custom sheet metal fabricators at our core. But it isn’t the only material out there. That’s why we work with plastics, composites, laminates and other materials.

We’ve moved beyond the role of a traditional sheet metal fabrication and manufacturing firm in other ways, too. Our business includes engineering, inventory management and assembly.

What hasn’t changed? The quality we provide, and the speed at which we deliver it.

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A Single, Trusted Source for Contract Manufacturing

How does Mathison Manufacturing help you succeed?

    • By turning quotes around in a day, and building a prototype from scratch in as few as five working days.
    • Through quality work, including delivery of tolerances within 0.005 inches.
    • By keeping our foot on the accelerator to maximize throughput so you can keep delivery promises to YOUR customers.
    • Through value-added services such as assembly, inventory management and cosmetic welding that enable you to focus on growing your business while we handle the details.
    • A “no matter what it takes” approach ensures timely delivery of quality products to OEM customers … so they keep promises to their customers.

Most of our business comes from repeat customers. They come back because we keep our word, and because we are your single, trusted source.

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Facility, Equipment, and Support Systems

Walk around our facility and you’ll see machines for forming, machining, welding, finishing, laser cutting—and more. The machines don’t come cheap, obviously, but they’re worth every dime given today’s requirements for precision and our commitment to quality.

We also invest in key support systems, such as engineering software. And don’t forget our highly trained, skilled workers, who typically have more than a decade of experience.

How do we know these investments in machines and personnel pay off? By having the same customers ring our phones time and time again.

Ring 262-542-7296 today for more information—and to come and tour our facility and see our equipment for yourself.