RealTimePurity: Dissolved Metals Detection & Monitoring Instrument
RealTimePurity is a privately held technology and instrumentation company that offers hardware and software solutions to detect the purity of liquids in real-time. Their solutions are deployed by governments, municipalities, and businesses to detect things like lead, arsenic, mercury, and other dangerous heavy metals in water from Aluminum to Uranium. 

RealTimePurity’s former assembly house had been increasing costs yet failing to deliver on time or to the necessary quality standards. It was time for a change, and RealTimePurity’s CEO knew just who to turn to: Mathison Manufacturing. The relationship had started ten years ago with a cold email, and we had stayed in touch ever since. When RealTimePurity’s CEO arrived for a site visit he was so impressed with the staff, the shop floor, the organization of the assembly tables, inventory shelves, and overall flow—and the quality and precision of Mathison Manufacturing’s other projects—that he immediately sent Mathison Manufacturing a purchase order for three units. 

It was not a simple project: RealTimePurity’s REX equipment (real-time elemental X-ray fluorescence) requires a complex assembly, including relays, power supplies, x-ray tubes, and x-ray detectors in addition to complex software installations, but Mathison Manufacturing was up to the challenge. 

Working with the detectors and x-ray tubes necessitated that Mathison Manufacturing acquire an x-ray certification from the state; and assembly must be handled with extreme care to not break the beryllium windows that are half a thousandth thick: safety is key with this product line. What’s more, the software that reads the contaminants is also sensitive and must be installed and tested carefully. 

The wire harness presented the greatest challenge: the demo units provided were each wired and built differently, which meant Mathison Manufacturing had to build and wire the new units from scratch. We partnered with a wire house and dissected the units, painstakingly following all the wire tracing back, and laboriously developed new schematics that would allow us to wire the units correctly in a standardized configuration. The results were worth the effort and now we’re able to follow a defined process flow to produce and ship the units on budget and faster. Along the way, we also made enhancements: the old wire harnesses were point-to-point and weren’t pathed properly. Now, they’re streamlined, with a professional appearance. 

From purchasing the inventory, to fabrication, assembly, testing, packaging, and shipping, RealTimePurity knows they can rely on Mathison Manufacturing to provide a consistent, turnkey solution with fair prices, quality production, and on-time delivery.  The RTP CEO commented recently that their interactions with Mathison Manufacturing have been light years better than what they experienced with other fab houses.  

We now have a long term satisfied client!

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